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Blue Line 24h/day808 200 006

  • Refund

    We offer our clients a trial period of 15 days from the date of installation after which, if not satisfied with the system, we will refund the value of the equipment.

  • Assistance

    We guarantee technical assistance with replacement of damaged equipment during the term of the contract services.

  • 24h Protection

    We assure a 24h/day monitoring and answering service from the VideoGuard Command Center.

  • Stable costs

    You have the guarantee that the price increase in the monthly fee shall not exceed the increase in the consumer price index over the previous year. Value is revised annually on 1 January.

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Frequently asked questions answered about
the VideoGuard alarm.

  1. What kind of facilities applies VideoGuard?

    The VideoGuard is a technologically advanced, versatile and easy to use security system that is applicable in any home, office or business, etc.

  2. Why choose VideoGuard by Grupeme?

    The VideoGuard is a high security system marketed by Grupeme, the national leader in the area of security services and systems with over 35 years of experience.
    The Grupeme designs, builds and installs electronic security equipment, offering the most varied solutions in this sector and adjusting it to our client’s individual needs.

  3. What differentiates VideoGuard from other competitor systems?

    Due to its advanced technological features the VideoGuard is a fundamental and essential piece to the security of your home or business.
    Its wireless technology allows a quick, safe and more economical installation when compared with traditional alarm systems, not requiring any type of work at home. No need for phone lines because it has a communications module GPRS / GSM / SMS, thus ensuring a permanent connection to the VideoGuard Command Center and access to a wide range of services, such as capture and recording of images of an intruder for further proof for the authorities.

  4. How long does the installation of VideoGuard take?

    The installation of our VideoGuard Kit takes approximately 2 hours to be installed, programmed and tested.

  5. Must you do work at home to install the VideoGuard?

    The VideoGuard installation does not require work at home, since it is a wireless system that makes use of via radio technology, making its installation simple and fast.

  6. Must you have a landline?

    To get VideoGuard you do not need to have a phone line, since communications between the alarm and the Command Center are provided by the GPRS / GSM / SMS module, and the SIM card is included in the VideoGuard kit.

  7. Who installs the VideoGuard?

    All systems are installed by the Grupeme specialized technicians that are properly identified. Only this way can we ensure a proper installation and efficient operation.

  8. What equipment does the VideoGuard Kit include?
    The VideoGuard kit is made up of:

    A Control panel with GPRS communication module
    Equipped with a sleek and discreet design. In this panel is where all the system’s information is processed, which are then transmitted to the VideoGuard Command Center. The SIM card is included in the kit as well as all costs of communications.

    2 motion detectors with camera and night vision
    The motion detectors trigger the activation of the alarm whenever the intruder passes in front of them, and simultaneously proceeds to the capture and transmission of images to the VideoGuard Command Center (allows the capture of 5 images in a row).

    1 Opening detector
    The opening detector with magnetic contact is especially important to detect the opening of doors, shutters, windows, gates, etc.

    1 electronic key reader with keyboard
    Its versatility allows connecting / disconnecting the alarm via numeric codes (PIN) or in an even more practical means of encrypted keys, by simply bringing them closer to the reader, which makes it particularly useful for children, seniors and people with physical disabilities.

    3 electronic encrypted keys
    These keys, lightweight, with a simple and practical design, allow you to turn on / off your alarm conveniently and securely. The system supports up to 30 keys that can be purchased separately to suit your needs.

    High power siren
    Is a signaling device and audible alarm that is triggered whenever there is an intrusion in your home. It has a highly dissuasive sound.

    Deterrent boards with recording image alerts
    Alert to the fact that the premises are protected by a security system, proceeding to the capture of images in case of an intrusion.

    Battery pack
    All Batteries needed for the elements that compose the VideoGuard are part of the kit.

    — Instruction’s Manual for your VideoGuard.

  9. Can I extend my system beyond the VideoGuard kit?

    Yes, your alarm Videoguard can be expanded and personalized to the particular characteristics of each space to be protected. We carry a wide range of equipment at your disposal, and that you can add to your VideoGuard alarm, such as: different types of detectors, panic buttons, access keys, remote controls, outside sirens, etc.

  10. Can I set the alarm when I'm home?

    The VideoGuard alarm has several modes of protection. It can be switched on in one part of the premises to ensure a peripheral protection, enabling people to move freely inside. The night mode enables a selective protection. It is also possible to have a protective mode for independent areas, such as a house or a garage.

  11. What advantages does the VideoGuard give me?

    It gives you fast and efficient protection of your home or business, by combining technology, security services and specialized interconnection with the authorities. The VideoGuard alarm also allows other services such as control over who enters and leaves your premises, whether or not the system is switched on, electricity failures, capture and transmission of images at alarm or triggering of panic devices, access and remote control over the system via your mobile phone or tablet.

  12. What guarantees will the VideoGuard give me?

    We offer our clients a trial period (15 days) after which, if not satisfied with the system we will refund the value of the equipment. We guarantee the technical assistance with replacement of damaged equipment during the term of the contract services. We assure a monitoring and 24h/day service. Finally, the customer has the assurance that the monthly fee to be paid may only differ by the consumer price index for the following year.

  13. What happens when my alarm goes off?

    Your VideoGuard security system is permanently monitored by the VideoGuard Command Center. Any occurrence detected will be immediately transmitted to you. Through the analysis of the event we may request the intervention of the authorities and / or we may send our picket to the site.

  14. What should I do in case of doubt?

    Immediately contact the VideoGuard Command Center that is available to help 24h/day, through the number 808 200 006. We have a team of professionals at your disposal able to answer any question you want to ask.

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